"Love the products!".

Nadiya Bychkova | Strictly Come Dancing Professional Dancer

"Love my lashes, always @studiosnatched"

Stacii Jae Johnson | Actress, Author, Presenter & Dating Coach

"My Luscious lashes @studiosnatched so easy to put on"

Sarah Mulindwa | CH4 The Sex Clinic

"That was easy! Normally you have to wait for the glue to get a little tacky on your hands, pick at it, run the glue along the eyelashes and wave it around. I've not had to do any of that, EASY! I had a feeling it was going to be easy using this eyeliner glue BUT it was easier than I thought it was going to be, WOW".

Vixen | Blogger

"Lovely, beautiful lashes! These are all very much a bit of me, you know I love wispy ones that are a part of the collection".

Glam by Georgie | MUA

"Beautiful, lightweight, wispy... Absolutely gorgeous and the packaging's lush too"

Vicky Pattison | Reality TV Queen

"These lashes are so beautiful! I really struggle to find lashes which aren't too much, I got the Elegance lashes and they are a perfect length and they're just enough fabulousness without being too extreme. The eyeliner pen is actually a genius thing... I usually end up with glue everywhere it shouldn't be so the pen gives total precision and no mess! I'm officially obsessed".

Eleni Griffith-Adamou | Snatched Customer

"@studiosnatched keeping me camera ready, Elegance being my favourite one"

Amy Christophers | Model & TV Presenter 

"Love these lashes! Very quick delivery too!"

Leah Wood | Snatched Customer

"The quality is absolutely fantastic, I was able to reuse them for shoots. Also, love the fact there's a range of lashes that are able to compliment my clients with different eye shapes"

Zainab Butt | MUA

"Studio Snatched is one of my favourite lash brands on the market. I've re-used my sets multiple times and they're still as good as new. I love the day to night styles, meaning I have a lash for every occasion. I am absolutely obsessed with the sleek white & gold finishing".

Meg Rees | Reality Star & Blogger

"The lashes are so gorgeous, really long and wispy yet still really light weight and easy to apply".

Katie Deavall | Snatched Customer

"Absolutely beautiful lashes, I love Flirt! They are my favourite".

Olivia Todd | MUA & Make-Up Journalist

"A wide range of fluffy lashes and styles for every occasion, easy to apply and the perfect finishing touch to any look. Power Couple is a game changer. Gorgeous, inky eyeliner thats super easy to apply and your lash sticks straight on top making application super quick and easy".

Kiss My Fairy Salon | Snatched Client