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Best Natural Lashes at an Affordable Price!

If you’re looking for a satisfying deal on the best natural lashes on the market at a low cost then look no further and explore the beauty at Studio Snatched, offering the best lashes whilst embodying an element of luxury. The entire strip lash collection provides a range of various styles, lengths and curls to create a look you’ll love. Ideal for making your natural lashes look fuller, whilst being extra light that keeps to their shape and retains durability. Studio Snatched lashes are made from ultra-fine, vegan fibres and has a soft curl that follows the eyelash curve which most of us are born with (so they blend in really well with your natural ones, as there is no need...

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Are Strip Lashes and Eyeliner Glue safe?

The best natural lashes by Studio Snatched are safe and tested by a plethora of industry experts, offering you the best range of both classic and glam lashes that serves to empower and enhance your individuality. Studio Snatched creates a beauty brand that is a trendy alternative to other traditional companies, as they’re always on the lookout for more effective products to simplify our everyday make up regime. With this said, we sell the UK’s best eyeliner glue (known best here as Power Couple) that can be used alone or accompanied by either strip or magnetic lashes. The eyeliner glue is available in a liquid form with a choice of both black and clear, created in a pen format for...

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